Matériel Magazine

poff_1 is an annual collection of creative work by internationally, award-winning designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers and writers. In its third issue, Matériel introduces the first themed incarnation – allowing the contributors to experiment and play with the conception of ‘Bad’ in myriad forms.

The Designer’s Accord

The Designers Accord was created in late 2007 as a five-year project to mainstream sustainability in the global creative community. Formed as a distributed knowledge network of design firms, universities, and business leaders, the Designers Accord has helped advance the conversation around the ethics, practices, and responsibilities of the creative community.map2

Redressing the Gender Imbalance in Typography

The gender imbalance in typographyqueertype_2


Typography appears to be a particularly male-dominated area of the design industry, and I often ask typographers why they think that it is. When I go to design conferences, there are brilliant women in the line-up who talk about type (at this year’s TypoBerlin, Nadine Chahine was the highlight), but most lectures I attend that are specifically about typography tend to be presented by men. As recent findings have shown, at 2015’s TypeCon, there were 52 men speaking and 15 women, at Typo Berlin there were 61 men and 15 women, and at Typographics there were 26 men and 10 women.

A new movement in poster design: animation

AIGA animated posters

Two forces have combined to cause the dawning of a new era for poster designers; digital screens have infiltrated our train stations and airports, posing a welcome new challenge, meanwhile social media platforms have embraced video content and the animated gif. Rather than spelling the end for the poster as we know it, a generation of designers are embracing these technologies. Graphic artists from around the world are teaming up with animators and bringing their combined experiences together to create a seductive new form of communication—the moving poster.krzysztof-iwanski-jazztko

Design For Good

Design For Good

A movement to ignite, accelerate and amplify design-driven social change

Design for Good is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change. This platform creates opportunities for designers to build their practice, their network, and their visibility. Design for Good recognizes the wide range of designers’ work and leadership in social change which benefits the world, our country and our communities.

Beware of Images

Here’s a little link to a blog that is an inspiration for me about the social responsibility (I think) designers have. We are being given tools that are marketable, but graphic design skills are much more than that. We are honing our skills to speak the language of mass media, the tongue of international campaigns, the dialect that is used to bombard people with information.

How will your work shape the way people see the world? How will it shape the way people see themselves? Do you have a responsibility?

Here’s an example:

and a few of his illustrations, crossposted from his facebook page:

And of course, there’s a facebook page, with tons more of illustrations and amazing pictures, but i’ll let that be a little treasure for whoever is interested in learning more.